Drone fumigation system to spray crops

Two students develop a precision agriculture project using a drone to spray plants and detect their status.

Improving yields in the field with respect to traditional systems, saving money and improving accuracy are the ambitious goals of the project on which the young people Alberto Gaspar Martín and José Guillermo Ara are working.

Pytosanitary products, herbicides and liquid fertilizers are applied with the help of a drone, acting as an aerial fumigator for crops. This is the main purpose of the project on which young university students are still working, and they also plan to install a camera in the drone to detect the state of crops, soil moisture or any type of pest.

The project is still in the development stage, but the idea is to put it on the market as a unique product.

The initial investment is about 10,000 euros, from the money obtained in the first edition of the 2017 Technological Challenge Award ‘Ávila Advance’ organized by the city council of the capital.




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