How to apply for recognition as “Spin-Off USAL”

The University of Salamanca approved in its Governing Council on April 28, 2016 the Regulations for the Promotion of the Creation of Spin-Off Companies in order to encourage those innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives that have emerged from the university community itself, making available to Entrepreneurs the resources and advice necessary for the creation of a new company.

Spin-Off recognition can be applied for by companies promoted by teachers and researchers (PDI), administration and services personnel (PAS) or students or graduates of the University of Salamanca (USAL) :

  1. that receive or have received the auspices of or support from USAL in any of the phases of the creation process
  2. that use technology or knowledge generated in USAL for the production of goods and / or services

This recognition or association can be requested even before the company has been set up, so that agreements and mechanisms can be developed at the same time that the company is being established.
Through a collaboration agreement, signed between USAL and the promoters of the spin-off, the use of the denomination “Spin-Off of the University of Salamanca” will be established, including the use of rights, goods and services of USAL and the participation, if applicable, of USAL in the company project.

More information about the regulation and application for recognition can be found at:

More information at Comunicación Universidad de Salamanca

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