Promoting entrepreneurship at the Viriato Campus

The University campus of Zamora hosted the presentation of a program to promote entrepreneurship, with several objectives.

Education should enable the acquisition of those personal qualities that constitute the basis of entrepreneurship, and if the official curricula do not include it in a specific, overlapping, direct or transversal way, it must be supplemented by learning models applicable to our environment.

Committed to this teaching approach, and from an absolutely practical focus that makes it possible to put into practice the business ideas resulting from the creativity of our students, the Viriato Campus (Campus Viriato), at the behest of the Higher Polytechnic School of Zamora, is starting a program for the promotion of Entrepreneurship which will enable:

• Promotion and development of skills

• Specific training for the start-up of an activity

• Encouraging innovation

• Considering the option of self-employment as a possibility

• Contribute to the generation of a responsible and sustainable business culture

For this reason, on May 25, the entrepreneurship promotion


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