The Science Park gains one entrepreneur per week

The 55 companies installed in the Campus of Villamayor employ 800 people, to a tune of 25 million euros annual in salaries.

The Science Park is considered one of the economic engines of Salamanca. More than 22,000 square meters houses 55 companies that carry out their activity in the different buildings of the Villamayor Campus. The momentum it has shown over the last five years has been key to innovation, entrepreneurship and research, according to the report recently published by La Gaceta. More than 800 people work in its facilities, providing 25 million euros in salaries annually. The M3 building is the largest of the buildings, and it houses 23 companies. The M2 building together with the Business Incubator have 8 companies and in the Centro Hispano Luso de Investigaciones Agrarias (CIALE) there are 2.



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